Productivity Drivers that are Actually Healthy


Oftentimes, people lose focus on their work and productivity suffers as a result. One's productivity directly affect the way they use resources and produce results, especially in the workplace. Personal productivity heavily relies on an individual invests energy and effort. Improving productivity is more than just forcing yourself to actually do the job even if you don't feel like it and below are a handful of tips to follow if you want to improve your productivity levels:

Human Energy and Productivity

One of the main keys in healthy productivity is the individual's productivity and human energy; it's not that difficult to see the correlation between the two. An individual who is considerably tired has little to no productivity; they will prefer to rest or sleep above else. Meanwhile, a person who actually goes to sleep on time, visits the gym to work up a good sweat and eats the right kind and amount of food for breakfast will feel invincible. When someone is bursting with energy, they are more than capable of successfully doing their tasks with minimum effort.

Quality of Sleep and Productivity

Remember the last grueling business dinner that you had with the team and everyone went straight to the bar afterwards to unwind? Then we're pretty sure you slept incredibly late that day. When your alarm clock signaled the beginner of the net day, you felt like doing anything except working but of course you forced yourself out of bed. There was another meeting to attend to and being late won't really be a good idea.

So, how productive were you during the entire meeting? Or you were just trying to power through the entire day without sleeping on the job?

Obviously, lack of sleep negatively affects your productivity as well as your performance. Without the right amount of sleep, people cannot think, have difficulty learning and solving problems. Memory and attention are greatly impaired and of course the productivity for the day nears zero.

Physical Exercise and Productivity

Usually, the first thought that comes to mind when reading that statement is "I don't have enough time for the gym."

Well, those people are the very ones that complain that their careers are at a standstill, their relationships are not as happy or satisfying as they would like, they're not at the success that they planned and so on.

Physical exercise improves anyone's health, keep in mind that going to the gym doesn't mean that you're aiming for a six pack or want to bulk up, in the least it's just for a good sweat. Trying a healthier lifestyle means you'll file fewer sick leaves and feel less physical discomfort. Hence, one of the foundations of healthy productivity is physical exercise.

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